Octopus HR Planning Information System
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Comprehensive HR planning for nuclear power program
Knowledgable decision on staffing and recruiting
Education and training
Trained personnel just-in-time for NPP construction, commissioning and operation
Welcome to the Octopus HR planning IS! "Rosatom" HRD Integrated Solution Approach to HR planning

Welcome to the Octopus HR Planning IS!

Being a global company, ROSATOM (www.rosatom.ru) is committed to effective partnership aimed to promote safe and publicly acceptable use of nuclear energy. Human resource development is an essential part of every successful nuclear power programme assuring personnel of a Partner Country is appropriately trained. To support planning and tracking of Education & Training for national nuclear programmes ROSATOM has developed a comprehensive tool - Octopus Human Resources Planning Information System. It integrates all aspects of HR development, such as installation design and staff composition, construction schedule and operation plan, regulatory and licensing deadlines, educational and industrial configuration, workforce and material flows and many others.

In case you are
  • looking for development of professionals for your national nuclear programme,
  • seeking for ex​​​pertise in planning and forecasting demands of workforce,
  • willing to obtain educational or training services from one of the global leaders at nuclear market,
  • assuring sustainability of human resources for your ongoing projects
contact us to become Octopus IS user and join ROSATOM Education & Training activities!