Octopus HR Planning Information System
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Comprehensive HR planning for nuclear power program
Knowledgable decision on staffing and recruiting
Education and training
Trained personnel just-in-time for NPP construction, commissioning and operation
Welcome to the Octopus HR planning IS! "Rosatom" HRD Integrated Solution Approach to HR planning

"Rosatom" HRD Integrated Solution

Questions of partner countries about HR development are:
  • How many specialists do we need to train?
  • What training programs to use?
  • How long will it take?
  • How to manage the whole process?
  • How to ensure high competence?
  • What are the costs of training?
  • How to identify the risks?
  • and many more…

Five categories of personnel to be trained (click to enlarge)
In general, the following five categories of personnel should be trained for a new National nuclear programme:
  • Nuclear Infrastructure personnel
  • NPP Personnel
  • Construction-Engineering Personnel
  • Scientific and research personnel
  • Young Specialists and Professors for NPP Project
Key features of integrated approach:
  • Be systematic- define ‘big picture’ for the Nuclear Program
  • Create a working group for HRD planning
  • Use Octopus Information System to support planning and reporting

The system «Octopus HR Planning IS» provides tools for instant development of the country plans which reflects scheduled sequences of the key events related to training of all personnel categories of the country which decided to construct a nuclear facility. An important aspect is the ability to bind educational tasks to the construction milestones in accordance with the IAEA document NG-G-3.1 «Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power».

The structure and the key elements of the Education and Training system of ROSATOM (click to enlarge)